Cross Country

The PDSSSC gives all students the access to their level of competition for cross country.

Every school has its own cross country carnival as an annual event in some form. These cater for the serious runners at least and each school offers a different format for this event. Please check with your own school for details of this event. AWD events are held at each level with a distance of 3km for all ages.

Cross Country Overview

PDSSSC Cross Country

Schools can select winners from their own carnival or runners who are competitive in time to compete at the PDSSSC Cross Country event which is held in May each year. In 2021, the date is Friday 23rd April at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre, Horsley Park. There are events for all ages from 12 to 18 for boys and girls. A maximum of 5 runners per event from each school is allowed at this level. The first 6 place-getters from this event progress to the NSWCCC Carnival.

The distances at this level and proceeding levels are as follows:

  • 12 Girls – 3km
  • 13 Girls – 3km
  • 14 Girls – 4km
  • 15 Girls – 4km
  • 16 Girls – 4km
  • 17 Girls – 4km
  • 18+ Girls – 6km
  • 12 Boys – 3km
  • 13 Boys – 3km
  • 14 Boys – 4km
  • 15 Boys – 4km
  • 16 Boys – 6km
  • 17 Boys – 6km
  • 18+ Boys – 8km

PDSSSC Cross Country Event Order

NSWCCC Cross Country

The winners from the Diocesan (PDSSSC Cross Country)  trials then go on to represent the Parramatta Diocese at the NSWCCC Carnival which is held in June each year at Sydney Motor Sport Park, Eastern Creek. This years event is on Tuesday 8th June, 2021. The distances are the same as the PDSSSC Carnival for all ages. The first 10 place-getters from this event go on to represent the NSWCCC at the NSW All Schools Carnival.

Please see attached timeline for the 2017 Cross Country event at Eastern Creek.
NSWCCC-CPS Championships Event Order 2017

All athletes are to be at Eastern Creek by either 7.40am if they wish to walk the course OR at least 1 hour before the advertised race time. See attached timeline above. Runners are to report to a team manager in the Grandstand upon arrival at the venue. See attached grandstand map for 2017.
CPSCCC Cross Country Seating allocation 2017

All runners will be given a singlet to run in which they return after their event.

NSW All Schools Cross Country

The top 10 placed runners from NSWCCC go through to represent NSW Combined Catholic Colleges at the NSW All Schools Carnival held in July each year at Sydney Motor Sport Park, Eastern Creek. This years event is on Thursday 15th July, 2020. The same distances are run at his level.

School Sport Australia Cross Country

From this event, a NSW All Schools squad is selected for the School Sport Australia Championships.

In 2021, this event will be held in Adelaide - venue to be confirmed from 20th - 23rd August. 


The current years winning times for PDSSSC cross country are listed in the attached document

PDSSSC Cross Country Winning Times